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Together with fellow researchers at Mila (the Québec AI Institute) and the Vector Institute, we have the pleasure of inviting you to join the Music + AI Reading Group. Our reading group gathers every Friday at 2pm Eastern Time.

Our topics of interest cover (beware : the list is not exhaustive !) :

  • 🎹 Music Generation
  • 🧠 Music Understanding
  • 📇 Music Recommendation
  • 🗣 Source Separation and Instrument Recognition
  • 🎛 Acoustics
  • 🗿 Digital Humanities …
  • 🙌 … and more (we are waiting for you :]) !

Our purpose is to build an interdisciplinary forum of researchers, students and professors alike, across industry and academia, working at the intersection of Music and Machine Learning. During each meeting, a speaker presents a research paper of their choice during 45’, leaving 15 minutes for questions and discussion. The purpose of the reading group is to :

  • Gather a group of Music+AI/HCI/others people to share their research, build collaborations, and meet peer students. We are not constrained to any specific research directions, and all people are welcome to contribute.
  • People share research ideas and brainstorm with others.
  • Researchers not actively working on music-related topics but interested in the field can join and keep up with the latest research in the area, sharing their thoughts and bringing in their own backgrounds.

👥 To get notified of our upcoming meetings, please consider joining our Google Group. You’ll be notified every week of any relevant information regarding the Music + AI Reading Group @ Mila x Vector

📡 We use Bluejeans for our online meetings. Here is the link we’ll use every week.

🎥 Please check our Youtube Channel to find recordings of our past meetings, and don’t forget to subscribe to be notified of our latest recordings !

🙏 Finally, if you would like to contribute and give a talk about your own research, feel free to fill in this spreadsheet in the slot of your choice !

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